Beginning NFT creation

To begin to create NFT’s that can actually sell on major marketplaces is a big task.  So to start learning about this, the best way is to just jump in, get a web3 wallet like MetaMask, and start buying a few NFTs to get your feet wet.

Once you understand how to buy NFT’s from someone else, you can start creating them for yourself.  The biggest question to create your NFT’s is if you are a good graphics artist and you understand layers, as  each NFT is made of different layers and items  with some more rare than others, which can make some more valuable than others.

To make a great NFT series, you not only have to be a good artist, but you have to be a fantastic marketer.

Top NFT’s like this beautiful galaxy are still just in the eye of the behodler, or behodler as they say in crypto terminology.

Even the all-powerful and most beautiful galaxy or NFT will go mowhere if nobody sees it.

So to get success creating and selling NFTs, you must:

  • Make great NFT art in layers
  • Complete matching JSON files corresponding with NFTs
  • Upload on a marketplace
  • List them for sale

Once you have made the art, json files and uploaded to a marketplace, then the real work begins, getting customers and subscribers to your social media like Telegram, Twitter, Discord, or

Other than the basic creation and uploading requirements, the overall most important thing is do you have a great and rare story with whatever NFT series you are looking to sell. but remember, if a big tree falls in the woods with nobody around, does anybody here it?

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